The Condom Light Dandles Delicately with a Subtly Dirty Demeanor

 - Jan 18, 2015
References: & yankodesign
I wonder how long it would take house guests to recognize the sexual reference behind these Condom Lights -- if they pause to consider them at all. Looking a little bit like colorful test tubes at first, these pendant lamps contribute delicate but vivid detail to a room, exclusive of their hints of suggestiveness.

KDOMAZIDLIBYDLI of Prague produces these fairly elegant-looking items from glass, forming them to take the unnatural shapes of perfectly cylindrical rubbers, complete with tiny hollowed tips. Pronounced rims will remind the observer of rolled material, which is one of the visual giveaways of these pieces. Color choices of clear, red and yellow don't take away or add to the similarity between the contraceptive accessories.