The 'Fortify' Chess Set is Crafted from Strong Materials

 - Dec 19, 2017
References: danielskotak & homecrux
The 'Fortify' concrete chess set has been designed as a somewhat Brutalist piece of decor that will act as the perfect set for those who favor clean aesthetics. Designed by Daniel Skoták, the chess set incorporates both concrete and iron accents that create a striking image without the need for complex shapes or carvings. The use of bent iron in place of figure heads makes the pieces stand out in a stronger manner to convey a sense of simplicity to the player.

The 'Fortify' concrete chess set acknowledges how design preferences are shifting to favor clean lines and simple materials to bring about a sense of clarity through simplicity. As lifestyles become more complicated, we'll likely continue to see a shift towards pared down aesthetics that don't add too much visual complexity to a space.