Concrete by Nicole Rose Captures a Woman in a Hypnotic State

 - Jul 20, 2012
References: rosecolouredworld & bentrovatoblog
'Concrete' by Nicole Rose is a phenomenal story about a woman who finds love and her man by bringing forth the spiritual powers of the universe. Throughout the story, spells are cast on the woman and four completely covered people watch the woman in a hypnotic and dream-like state.

Nicole Rose directed this film at the Sydney Opera House, and the film’s name ‘Concrete’ comes from the rough concrete inside of the building. The main focus of the film was to show pieces of the jewelry collections, which all have a geisha theme.

At the end of the film the woman is wrapped and hanging from rope, and her man comes and kisses her. This beautiful and strange film has a unique story, and it is full of stunning visuals.