The Skeletal Moments Series is Oddly Both Sweet and Suicidal

 - Feb 17, 2014
References: spudsfirst & faithistorment
There is something whimsically cinematic about this conceptual photo series. Even though the colors are subtle and dark, and all the figures in the photos look like they are on the brink of suicide, these mesmerizing conceptual photos by photographers Frans Kazan and Sem Versluis, or Spudsfirst, are somehow sweet as well.

Almost looking like a staged movie set for an epic movie, the Skeletal Moments photo series is full of beautifully colored sunsets, majestical forest and landscape scenery and very lonely people. Even though the series is about people and their hidden secrets, it seems like the people in the photos are actually trying to share their secrets with the audience.

All the images feature figures holding a bunch of multi-colored balloons that could signify that they're letting go of their dark secrets.