Baron Fig x Codecademy's 'Computerworld' is a Paper Notebook for Coders

 - May 15, 2018
References: baronfig & producthunt
Coding is obviously a digital practice, but in theory, coding can exist anywhere, and the 'Computerworld' notebook from Baron Fig and Codecademy shows that coding in analog is not only possible, but it can be beautiful. The new notebook is aesthetically in line with the current zeitgeist of a certain internet crowd, but it also features design aspects that make it perfect for people who like to work on tricky pieces of code by hand before migrating their work to the glowing screen.

Computerworld notebooks come in three cover designs: Hardware Fields, Data Valley, and Software Skies. Those clean, cartoonish covers contain lined pages on the left for taking notes (as one will do during a Codecademy class), while the right-hand pages are ruled specifically for coding, meaning that the lines are numbered and there are shadowed bullets to help guide indentations.

Image Credit: Baron Fig