This Computer Keyboard is Invisible to Everyone But Its User

 - May 7, 2014
References: & gizmag
A team of researchers and developers at Mälardalen University in Sweden are developing a virtual computer keyboard that's visible only to its user. Their system combines a pair of special bracelets with a wearable device such as Google Glass, to create a virtual computer keyboard that is invisible to everyone except the user wearing the wearable device.

The bracelets contain sensors that map the positions of the finger tips and the users' hand movements. They can also detect how far the user's hands are above the nearest flat surface, such as a desk.

This data is then wirelessly relayed to the Google Glass (or other wearable device), which then displays a virtual keyboard within the user's field of vision. As the users taps their fingers on their desk, the keys of the virtual computer keyboard will be activated.

The developers are currently seeking funding from investors to bring their virtual computer keyboard system to full production. They hope to complete the project within a year.