This Program Uses Computer Glitches to Make Unique Digital Artwork

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: twitter & bustle
Way Spurr-Chen is a front-end developer who has been harnessing computer glitches to make beautiful pixelated artwork. Glitch art has been around for some time now and it involves using the bugs in computer programs, videos and pictures to make new images. Although this art form has been practiced by a number of other designers, Spurr-Chen has found a way to bring this digital medium to the masses.

Spurr-Chen runs a Twitter bot called '@PixelSorter,' which creates the beautifully imperfect images. Users simply tweet at the account with an image and @PixelSorter will use a technique called data-bending to turn the picture into a form of glitch art. The Twitter bot is incredibly efficient and can respond to about four or five people each minute. The resulting images are both abstract and eclectic.

The popularity of the Twitter account indicates that harnessing computer glitches and bugs could be a new artistic medium for the digital age.