Eating Legend Takeru Kobayashi Drinks 42 Cups of Coffee Non-Stop

 - May 15, 2012
References: huffingtonpost
Takeru Kobayashi is a well-known competitive food-eating champion who has accomplished stunts such as eating 337 wings and a ton of hot dogs in just 10 minutes. In his latest stunt, he partnered with ‘Eight O’Clock Coffee’ and the humorist known as Jim Breuer.

In the skit-like video, Jim Breuer takes Kobayashi to a coffee tasting, but instead the eating champion ends up downing the 42 cups of coffee in a matter of a few minutes. It is amazing to watch people that can consume large amounts of food or drinks at one time, and not seem to be affected by it. Kobayashi must have gotten a caffeine surge after all that.

This stunt is more than just a way to show off Kobayashi’s abilities, but rather to promote the ‘Eight O’Clock Coffee’ brand. The company is using a viral video that is bound to catch lots of attention.