The Coloring Book by Jeff Koons is Colorful and Clear

 - Jun 16, 2013
References: jeffkoons & sweet-station
The Coloring Book project by well-known artist Jeff Koons is essentially a large stainless steel slab filled with swirling colors. This lively art installation is completely see through and allows passersby to see the world through a colored looking glass.

The colors used in this playful art piece include orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue and green. These colored smears seem to have been done in a swirling pattern. This art installation is definitely reminiscent of something a young child might paint when left to their own devices.

Artist Jeff Koons is often inspired by youth and it shows in this aptly named Coloring Book project. There are beautiful buildings all around this piece but looking at them through this clear and colorful installation makes them seem all the more magical.