Colorglyph Lets User Create and Trade Pixelated Patterns

 - Dec 27, 2017
References: & producthunt
There's always been an intrinsic appeal in trading colorful little icons, from the days of baseball cards through until Pogs and Pokemon cards, and Colorglyph is a platform that's trying to bring that joy back in the age of the internet. The simple game uses the principles of the blockchain to allow users to create and trade bright, pixelated images with one another.

Whereas in years gone by, trading games were relatively fool proof in that they required users to trade physical items, the internet has made that type of exchange irrelevant. Users could no longer safely trade with one another, since the items they traded could be infinitely copied (and thus wouldn't have any value). Colorglyph ensures that each glyph created is completely unique, so it brings the mystique of the collection back into trading.