The Collapsible Pizza Box Won’t Let Books Squish Your Slices

 - Nov 6, 2012
References: incrediblethings
Urban Outfitters has come out with an excellent way for pizza lovers to carry a slice to work with a collapsible pizza box.

Cold pizza can be crushed so easily in the backpack, which is why it needs to be protected with the collapsible pizza box. Don’t take its name to mean fragile though. By collapsible, it only means that the box can shrink or expand to hold two slices instead of one. The Pizza-To-Go box even has a divider in case people want to bring two different kinds and don’t want to toppings to touch. Accompanied by a beloved spork—for microwaved cheesy messes—the triangular box is great for packing lunches for work or school and the bright orange box will ensure that everyone knows its yours and yours alone.

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