This Collaborative Music Video Involved YouTube Commenters

 - Dec 14, 2013
References: fastcocreate & psfk
This incredible collaborative music video for the song ‘Egyptian Cotton’ is a joint effort between Clams Casino, Vic Mensa, HP, the 180 LA agency and YouTube commenters who were watching the video in real-time.

Every day, thousands of comments from devoted fans go completely unnoticed on YouTube. But this music video relied on the interaction of fans from start to finish.

A host on HP’s YouTube channel began with an interaction like: "we want to create a music bed. What kind of music bed should it be?" As a result, ‘Egyptian Cotton’ was created. Clams Casino and Vic Mensa would start putting together lines or interacting with specific instruments based on the requests from commenters.

During the event, YouTube went down for 20 minutes, which may have a direct result of 4,000 commenters trying to interact at once. However, the guys were unfazed and until they were able to broadcast again, they painted comments onto the white walls of the studio.