GigJam Helps You Share Relevant and Pertinent Sections Of Documents

 - Jun 9, 2016
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GigJam is a truly useful and well designed collaboration app, developed by none other than Microsoft and targeted towards users on all the popular smartphone and tablet platforms, that is designed to make it easier than ever for users to share documents and collaborate on them with friends, colleagues and partners.

What makes this particular collaboration app stand out in the increasingly crowded field of shared work apps is the fact that it allows users to selectively share pertinent sections of documents rather than forcing them to share content in an 'all or nothing' manner. This means more efficient and targeted sharing, with a view to increasing productivity.

By making it possible for you to share only pertinent, relevant and high-priority sections of documents with collaborators, GigJam ensures that your work proceeds in a streamlined and organized fashion, by allowing people to direct their energies where they're most needed.