The Coil Lamp by Craighton Berman is Minimalist Design at Its Best

Craighton Berman's Coil Lamp is one of those inventions that you will look at and say, "why didn't I think of that before?"

The extremely clever and well-executed Coil Lamp helps reimagine minimalist design concepts and recycling. The lights are made entirely out of extension cords, making it truly amazing that it can hold itself up. Berman has a cut-out acrylic template with ridges that's strong enough to support the bulb and the cables for this to be possible. From what it looks like, Berman uses an eco compact fluorescent bulb with a plug-in adapter that has a socket for the cord to connect to.

The Coil Lamp is extremely well thought out and it proves that while minimalist designs are simple, they can also be clever as well. Hopefully, this will inspire other designers to create similar products that are eco-friendly, simple and stylish at the same time.