The Coffitivity App Provides White Noise to Enhance Creativity

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: coffitivity & lostateminor
The new Coffitivity app provides creatively minded people with soft ambient cafe sounds to help increase their productivity. Research has shown that creativity comes easiest to those working in a mildly loud area with a peaceful blending of different people's voices as they chat. In fact, it's been found to be extremely difficult to work in a completely quiet space.

Coffitivity streams noises directly from a cafe to its users' computers. The volume can be adjusted to create different atmospheres, and iTunes music can be played over top to enhance the effects of the ambient noise. The app creators suggest playing music so that it's just a tiny bit louder than the cafe noises. This, they say, will lead to the optimal flow of creative juices.

If you're stuck on a paper, article or even just having trouble concentrating on reading through a book, the Coffitivity app is the perfect way to focus your mind and get that creative engine up and running.