Brianne Boland's Coffee and Ice Cream Shop Packaging Screams Enthusiasm

 - Jun 27, 2014
References: brianneboland & thedieline
This impressive coffee and ice cream shop packaging was actually developed for the fictional Demitasse Creamery as part of a student project by Brianne Boland. The bold contrast in product offerings is represented in the vibrant black, white and yellow coloring of the cups and containers, which shows off more of its fun personality with witty quips like: "Depresso: the feeling you get when this cup is empty" printed on them.

Boland describes the choice of yellow as a "HI-HOW-ARE-YA hue," and a perfect blend of everything the Demitasse Creamery is about—modernity, youthfulness, excitement and mischief. Graphics for the Demitasse Creamery brand are basic, featuring simple shapes, patterns and icons that are playful and smile-inducing.