Fortnum & Mason Makes a Bloody Mary 'Oddi-Tea' with Tomato Pieces

Fortnum & Mason recently launched a collection of 'Oddi-Teas,' which includes a number of cocktail-flavored teas inspired by classic drinks. The range includes a Gin & Tonic Tea, a Summer Cocktail Tea, as well as a Bloody Mary Tea, which boasts a deep red color. In terms of taste, the Bloody Mary Tea sets itself apart with a black tea base that is enriched by tomato pieces, spicy black peppercorns, chilli flakes and zesty lemon peel. As an alternative to sweet teas made with fruits, many consumers are beginning to crave more savory tea blends.

Fortnum & Mason's new Oddi-Teas collection also includes a range of other unconventional loose leaf blends that have been crafted to taste like everything from Lemon Curd and Pistachio & Clotted Cream to Sundaes.