Marry With Style and Swag with These Cobalt Bridal Rings

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: scottkay & generalvalentine
Normally when you think of an engagement, it’s all about the ring that the bride receives; however, it’s time that the guys got some attention in the wedding bands department with these Cobalt Bridal Rings.

Scott Kay is the man behind the Cobalt Bridal Rings, which are stylish for casual wear even if marriage isn't involved. The rings are made from cobalt, which is a reliable material that’s both long-lasting and durable. Each of the bands have a special design that will make both the bride and groom happy. Whether it’s embedded diamonds, crosses or even just a simple pattern, these rings will let you show off your love with a rock and roll style. Sure, you can spring for a large diamond, but I think the bride will be just as happy with these rings.