CNET UK Creates an Animated Take on the History of the iPhone

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: vimeo & holykaw.alltop
CNET UK showed their appreciation for the late great Steve Jobs by putting together a little animated journey through the history of the iPhone.

Starting with the first mobile phone call made in 1973, the short documents the technological discoveries that made the iPhone 4. Full of notable names and more geek speak than you can shake a stick at, the timeline flows effortlessly through a series of complex interconnects and illustrates beautifully just how many people and technological breakthroughs contributed to the kind of connectivity one now accepts as commonplace.

The cute illustrated characters and upbeat music make this showcase entertaining enough to even hold the attention of technology-phobes, such as myself. The entire piece finishes off with a caricature of Steve Jobs in his signature mock turtleneck poised to deliver a keynote.

The CNET UK animated history of the iPhone is an educational and touching tribute rich in material and insight.