This Clothing Collection Appears as Though It Has Been Scribbled on

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: edda-gimnes &
These clothing graphics are unlike most and resemble the drawings of children.

The 'Uncontaminated' clothing collection was designed by the famed designer Edda Gimnes. The collection has a wide range of clothing styles including hats, purses, skirts and dresses and each of them follows the same distinct style, as they are all from the same white cloth and are haphazardly designed. This intentional carelessness results in crooked cuts of fabric that take the shape of asymmetrical clothing. The white clothes are adorned with bold scribbles and drawings that almost take the shape of images but not quite completely. These patterns make the person wearing the clothing look almost as if they were photoshopped into an unusual illustration.

These distinct clothing graphics are a breath of fresh air in an industry that tends to focus on symmetry and perfection.