The VICE Click.Print.Gun. Film Tracks the Future of Firearms

 - Mar 22, 2013
References: motherboard.vice & gizmodo
The VICE Click.Print.Gun. documentary looks at the future of firearm production. Cody R. Wilson is the primary focus of the feature film as he is the man behind the Wikiweapon Project, a venture that seeks to make 3D printed guns.

Wilson has printed his own weapons in 3D from home. In the clips, he speaks of gun control which he takes as a futile and unattainable measure. He instead supports the proliferation of pistols, and ones that can be easily produced with materials that can be rapidly acquired. Given the present spread of 3D printing facilities throughout the world, his Wikiweapon Project mission may begin to take hold, especially given the online publicity that he will now receive by way of VICE.