The Creamy Rose Face-Cleansing Mix is for Sensitive or Dry Skin Types

 - Mar 15, 2016
References: blog.freepeople
Face cleansers can take a variety of forms, from balms and oils to gels and foaming liquids, and now include cleansing grains. This DIY project from the Free People blog teaches people how to make their own.

From herbalist, author and artist Abbye Churchill, the Creamy Rose Facial Cleansing Grains can be used daily and is suited for people with dry or sensitive skin. The hydrating concoction contains rose petals, which have a soothing effect. Powdered milk adds a creaminess as well as lactic acid, which serves to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. Other food-safe and restorative ingredients include detoxifying Montmorillonite clay, ground oats and almond flour. To use, simply add water until creamy and massage into the face.