Metrognome Composed a Song Entirely of Classic Ringtones

 - Jun 6, 2014
References: youtube & djmag
If you are a cellphone owner, there is no doubt that you can distinguish the classic ringtones that came pre-loaded on it anywhere. Even if you don’t choose them as your ringtone and download a song instead, there are a select few that you most certainly are familiar with.

A Los Angeles music producer who goes by the name Metrognome created a song entirely out of those staple cellular sounds -- and surprisingly, it’s really good. The original composition adheres to the EDM genre and does so by overlaying and weaving snippets of classic ringtones. 

The music producer even adds a more amazing twist at the near-end of the song: he hooks up his electric guitar to his sound board and plays along to the ringtones. It gives the song an extra edge and will make you want to dance with the music or nod your head to the wicked beat.