This Facial Recognition App Invented by Zhaozheng Yin is in Development

 - Feb 19, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
This facial recognition app is supposed to improve class attendance, specifically in college. Instead of the old method where roll call happens and people raise their hands or verbally indicate they are here or present, the unavailable app enables professors, university lecturers and tutorial teaching assistants to make note of who is there by simply taking a picture.

Invented by Zhaozheng Yin, a computer science assistant professor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, the idea is also designed to make the beginning of class time less tedious. With help from a National Science Foundation Innovation grant, the class attendance app will hopefully be paired with learning management software.

To use, instructors simply take a photo of their class at the beginning of term and again at the beginning of every class to match who is missing. This is logged automatically.