People are leaving the old civilization behind

Global financial crisis, global warming, life savings disappearing, food shortages and the like are all starting to take their toll on more people. And guess what? They’re walking.

Increasing numbers are evacuating our seemingly dysfunctional civilizations much like the counter-culture hippies of yesteryear. The evacuees are moving out into the world to explore their own alternatives in radically varied states of preparedness. Triggers for this radical break from ‘civilization’ can be as varied as mounting debt, sudden employment termination, meaningless work, depressing relationships, or just religious feelings of impending doom and gloom.

Civilization evacuees are coming from all backgrounds and can be initially hard to distinguish from tourists, travelers and more common transitory types. Their defining point however is in their critical language and willingness to engage in experimental thinking about new social paradigms, political structures and modes of ‘being’ in opposition to the current status quo.

Many evacuees combine environmentalism, social activism and new age thinking to inform their new outlook on the world.

Keep you eyes pealed. They’re out there.