Volvo's 'City Safety' Technology Could Help Cars Avoid Hitting Kangaroos

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: & gizmag
Volvo has developed a high-tech new system, dubbed City Safety, that was originally designed to detect other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists but has since been adapted to enable vehicles to avoid hitting kangaroos in Australia. Strong, fast and agile, kangaroos often pose a danger on Australian roads, with more than 20,000 collisions taking place between cars and kangaroos in Australia each year.

The kangaroo-adapted City Safety system features a radar built into the grille that scans the road ahead and looks out for moving objects. Meanwhile, a light-sensitive high-resolution camera works to determine which way the object is moving and passes the information onto an on-board computer.

Ultimately, this high-tech animal detection system could help save lives by preventing the needless accidents caused by kangaroo crossings.