'Project Sidewalk' Lets Users Rank and Describe Different Routes or Aids

The topic of city accessibility is being discussed more on a global scale to help those that are differently abled, so 'Project Sidewalk' comes as a great new tool for citizens to utilized. 'Project Sidewalk' works by having users tag, label and rate different accessibility features that are situated throughout the city. Images are taken from Google Street View and allow users to contribute as much information as they can in order to help one another out.

'Project Sidewalk' is a great initiative that was started by Jon Froehlich from the University of Maryland's Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL). Speaking on the tool, Froehlich said, "The whole idea is not just have people use Street View to label accessibility problems, but to then use that data to train machine learning algorithms so we can predict and find those labels automatically in the future."