The Futuristic Citroen Taranis is Designed to Greenly Conquer Any Terrain

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: diseno-art & designbuzz
I do believe that both Batman and Optimus Prime would give their approval to Pete Norris' Citroen Taranis concept car. The Taranis is a rough and rugged off-roader named after the Celtic god of thunder.

The Citroen Taranis is powered by four electric motors each mounted into one of the vehicle's wheels. The interior of the Taranis looks more like a cockpit than a car, with the steering wheel substituted for a futuristic airplane yoke. The Taranis' long and odd design indicate that it would perhaps only be used to cross the roughest terrain. Unfortunately, that would mean no city driving. It would however mean that the time you do get to spend behind the wheel of the Taranis would be "off the chain" to say the least.