The Circum Lamp Rolls Back and Forth to Offer Direct or Diffuse Beams

 - Oct 26, 2013
References: danielliss-design
The Circum Lamp looks like quite the futuristic feature; however, the principles behind its versatility are really quite basic. This, of course, should not take away from its clever design.

Daniel Liss chose a ring form for his light fixture, but he extracted a segment to embed LED lights in one end. The whole of the C-shaped device is relatively evenly weighted, so a unique balancing system was integrated. Five dimples can be found along the inside of the incomplete hoop and a single metal ball bearing fits nicely into one at a time.

Depending on which indent you fill with the weight, the crescent will take a different angled position. With this setup, the Circum Lamp can direct its rays downwards or upwards for either focused or spread out illumination, respectively.