Circular Formations by Michael Jantzen are Geometric

 - May 29, 2012
References: trendhunter
The Circular Formations by Michael Jantzen represent a potential variation on the traditional seating arrangements typically found in public spaces.

Designed to be constructed in a park or other outdoor environment, the structures offer shade and resting spot for those looking to relax in the outdoors while also providing the ability to climb around like a monkey for the more active park-dweller.

Constructed from painted wood and steel, each variation is based around the random assembly of varying numbers of 8-foot rings that are either circular or semi-circular in shape. It resembles a cross between a jungle gym and a pavilion, with a space designated for a sun-protected sit-down and other attached rings adding design interest and the opportunity to climb and clamber around.

Like much of Jantzen's work, these structures provide inspiration for ways to alter traditional architecture in a functional way.