Cibola Pendant and Table Light Are Great For The Avid Cook

 - Apr 6, 2009
References: scabetti
A culinary approach to lighting, the white bone china creations by Dominic Bromley, dubbed the Cibola Pendant and Cibola Table Light, resemble smooth, cross-cut onions.

The carved pattern of concentric rings grant a striking effect to the Cibola Pendant. Shadows interchange reflective white surfaces, while the suspended onion lighting peals off its radiance through its translucent bone china.

The grounded version presents a ready-to-cook lamp which shows off its onion layers on a glossy ceramic surface. The Cibola Table Light comes with dramatic black or rich burgundy details and a cylindrical, fine linen cap.

The hand-made lighting sculpts definitely make the perfect gifts for the passionate chef, though they may not equally impress the strained housewife who will instinctively burst into tears in the sight of another onion, real or not.