Feet Will Garner Attention In These Chrome a Little Closer Loafers

 - May 24, 2013
References: modcloth
These Chrome a Little Closer loafers look like something from the future. If you're a fan of old films like The Wizard of Oz, they also look similar to what the Tin Man was wearing. Either way, these shoes are guaranteed to get attention and have people inquiring where you bought such unique footwear.

Designed by Joe's Jeans Footwear, these Chrome a Little Closer loafers feature a dangerously pointed front portion. When you combine the chrome colors of these shoes and their severely spiked toe, it is no wonder that people's eyes will flock to your feet. Those who are highly involved and devoted to fashion and eccentric designs will find these flats appealing and add them to their wardrobe.

In an attempt to balance out the bizarre finish of these shoes, it is best that they are paired with neutral-colored pieces of clothing -- as not to overpower onlookers' eyes. This way you can show off these chrome kicks without looking like you are playing a game of sci-fi-inspired dress up.