Loewe Sound Uses Humans As Volume Controls, Including Bass

 - Mar 11, 2009   Updated: Jul 11 2011
References: adrants
This stunning and comical commercial for Loewe Sound uses humans to demonstrate common audio settings such as volume control, bass, treble and balance. The musical score is wonderful as are looks of fear on some of the performer's faces, especially when the “balance” setting arrives at the end.

Very original and entertaining commercial. The ad was created by advertising agency Scholz & Friends/Berlin, and production firm Element E.

Implications - An effective way to draw consumers in to a specific business is through the use of humor. Consumers relish in products that provide entertaining and momentary escapes from the hectic lifestyles and day-to-day responsibilities experienced in today's society. Businesses will also be perceived as highly approachable upon amusing potential clients.