The Chocotoy Chocoflowers are Full of Confectionary Delights

 - Oct 14, 2012
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You won’t be able to look away from the vibrantly colored and incredibly detailed Chocotoy Chocoflowers prints. The explosive patterns have a symmetry that draws the eye inward, trapping viewers in its vortex of color.

Designed by Chocotoy, these mesmerizing graphic prints are featured on the bags, tee shirts, posters and other collectible items in the online store. Chocotoy originally started creating toys that were inspired by graphic design and bright cartoon imagery, using candy colored stripes and chocolate-themed creations as part of the characters. These designs have developed into elaborate patterns and prints that feature some of the iconic chocolate dessert imagery noticeably only if you look close enough.

Enjoy the cute faces and delicious treats hidden within the extensive flower-like designs of the Chocotoy Chocoflowers graphic prints collection.