These Double Chocolate Shortcakes are Dairy-Free and Delicious

 - Jun 21, 2015
References: minimalistbaker
Double Chocolate Shortcakes have become a more inclusive dessert with this recipe. Utilizing dairy-free ingredients, these savory cakes can now appeal to all audiences.

The traditional shortcake is a British delicacy that is made with a small list of ingredients that include eggs, milk and cream. Though these shortcakes are absent of any dairy products, the ingredients list is still fairly minimal. Using almond milk, dark chocolate and coconut whipped cream, these chocolate shortcakes can satisfy a vegan diet. This recipe also utilizes coconut oil in place of butter which makes it a healthy alternative to the usual shortcake.

Double Chocolate Shortcakes are said to feature a flaky biscuit-like exterior while the inside is soft like a traditional cake. Topped with any kind of fruit, these savory shortcakes make the perfect casual dessert.