The Chiraq Vice Documentary Explores Chicago's Rap Culture

Vice Magazine's music channel Noisey is presenting an episode seven of an all-access raw take on Chicago's rap music scene, titled Chiraq. The rapper Chief Keef and Young Chopper were both the lucky ones to make it in the industry, and Vice is covering a documentary about the politics and secrets behind Young Chop's success. Vice interviews various influential individuals in the Chicago area and continues to explore the Sosa phenomenon.

The success of young Chief Keef's gangbang music in the industry has lead other young Chicago natives to believe that they also have a chance. The issue with this belief is that they are involving themselves in highly dangerous gangbanging activities and most likely won't be as lucky as Chief Keef.

The Chiraq documentary explores the current Drill music movement and the rap controversies in Chicago. Vice's Noisey digs deep and the Chiraq series provides an innovative take on rap, politics and violence in the Chicago's South side.