China Doll Hopes to Confront Questions About Chinese-Americans and Androids

 - Oct 21, 2011
References: deadline & io9
The creators of Big Love, a serialized drama that follows a polygamous Mormon family, plan to deliver yet another startlingly strange TV sitcom called China Doll.

In a nutshell, China Doll revolves around a mixed-race Californian family and their android pet. Considering the growing tendency of interracial relationships, household computers and a globally dispersed family, the upcoming TV show intends to tackle all three topics. The co-creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer go into more detail: a subcontractor from Northern California and his Chinese-American wife, a university professor, do their best to juggle obligations across the Pacific while their android 'friend' chimes in to provide some levity and social introspection. China Doll currently doesn't have a release date, but expect to see the premiere on HBO sometime next year.