This Child-Locating Device Lets Trusted Ones Track a Child

 - Sep 25, 2013
References: beluvv & beluvv
BeLuvv's 'Guardian' is a child-locating device that was designed in response to a staggering statistic: annually, it is estimated that "eight million children are reported missing around the world."

This device can be securely attached to a child in the form of a small buckle or a bracelet. The Guardian child-locating devices are lightweight and made from natural rubber so that they are not irritating to wear.

Beyond just being able to keep tabs on a child's location at all times through the Guardian smartphone app, parents and caretakers are able to set alerts and receive notifications when a child leaves a specified area. As well, parents can invite other trusted caretakers to install the app, which builds a greater safety network for locating a child, especially in the case of an emergency. As more members join the Global Guardian Network, the system will continue to grow and become more accurate.