Co-Ed Matching Outfits in China

 - Aug 29, 2008
References: shopping-in-beijing
Living in China I see a lot of things that seem strange to my Western eyes, but one sight that still shocks me every time are matching couples. Most commonly seen are arrowed tees such as the "Falling In Love. She is my girlfriend" example above. However, there are a surprising number of matching polos, jeans and even shoes worn by both sexes.

It is known that the older generation Chinese are less comfortable with showing public displays of affection. However, the younger generation is a completely new force that openly hold hands, kiss, and tell the world about it proudly on their chests.

I question how long this look will last, as it had its day in the West, and is now considered a criminal fashion offense. Check out the video to see what Westerners think of this social behavior.