Chairbag is a Combination of a Covered Wood Seat and a Beanbag Chair

 - Feb 14, 2014
The Chairbag is just so endearing to observe; it reminds me of a young child who has decided to don his father's oversized clothing. Designed by Studio Pepe Heykoop, this idiosyncratic seating system is comprises a sturdy structure that you cannot see, plus an eccentric form of upholstery that's much baggier than it needs to be.

The playful outcome of this chair-beanbag hybrid might actually be more comfortable than either the former or the latter is on its own. The rigid frame is enhanced with soft leather fabric and the loose material is improved with a firm foundation that can better support the sitter. To complement the delightful idea behind the chairbag, the furnishing is finished with lovely little buttons that serve to suggest the underlying form.