Ceramic Speaks in the Street by Daria Makarenko Provokes Thoughts

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: makarenko-art & design-milk
The Ceramic Speaks in the Street art series involves the cracks and crevices found in and around the city of Stockholm, Sweden. Daria Makarenko, an artist hailing from Russia, has taken it upon herself to fix these urban eyesores in a creative and philosophical manner. Essentially, she has replaced the missing bricks and stones from walls and panels from paved sidewalks with her own. Although she has made them in such a way that they almost blend into their surroundings, they have been tweaked slightly to feature thought-provoking statements.

For instance, one of the pieces in the Ceramic Speaks in the Street art series reads "It is time to spit out a chewing gum and say something" while another says "Silence also keeps a message no need to break it."