'How Smartphones Are Saving Lives' Shows How Digital Devices Help

 - May 18, 2013
References: cooldailyinfographics
With the amount of smartphone retailers on the market, it's hard to imagine anyone without one of these hi-tech cellular devices, and these beneficial cellphone app charts showcases that these phones can actually serve to be life-saving tools.

This infographic called 'How Smartphones Are Saving Lives,' visually demonstrates how having one of these technological devices on hand serves to increase your chances of safety in certain unforeseen circumstances. While teenagers and youth are constantly preoccupied with all the extra gaming apps that comes with smartphones, the use of the Internet also serves another beneficial purpose. Certain software can help you locate points of safety when lost or in trouble, while other apps can help you call for emergency during a heart attack or seizure.

This insightful infographic offers cellphone users a unique perspective on how their digital devices can actually save their lives.