This Cell Phone Cover Doubles as Cuddly Teddy Bear

'Chri-Cha' is a fluffy teddy bear cell phone cover that doubles as a wallet insert and storage item. Cell phones have become a central part of people's daily lives. However, non-stop cellphone use drives many people to associate their cellphones with the negative aspects of their lives, such as overtime work or bad break-ups.

Christina Chan is one such person. The inventor of the teddy bear cellphone cover, Chan says she decided to work on the product after she went through a difficult break-up, got sick of looking at her phone all the time and so decided to turn her phone into a teddy bear.

The teddy bear cell phone cover is intended to be both comforting and nostalgic for users. Teddy bears are often one of the few childhood items that many adults retain. According to some studies, half of all adults are thought to still have a teddy bear from childhood, while 35% of them sleep with their teddy bear.

With cell phones being a crucial part of many people's lives and teddy bears being the cutest and most comforting things around, it seems to make good sense to combine the two.