This Device Converts Celebrity Penmanship into Musical Sounds

 - Jul 2, 2015
References: sony & psfk
Sony recently teamed up with Bompass & Parr to produce a device that turns celebrity signatures into musical sounds. The project is part of Sony’s 'Multi-Room Sonic Wonderland' installation, which features the recreated handwriting of celebrity icons such as Mozart, Shakespeare and Marilyn Monroe.

To produce the signature-inspired sounds, the team created an algorithm that can turn specific aspects of writing into audible sounds. The device is able to measure 47 different indicators, including size, speed, pressure, distinction and character formation. Through these measurements, the device is able to convert celebrity signatures and penmanship into a intricate melody of highs and lows.

The innovative signature-to-sound exhibit helps us to experiment with how something as personal as a signature can be translated into an audible public performance.