Amy Winehouse in a Cellar, Terry Hatcher Hatching, Gerard Butler as a Butler

 - Jan 7, 2010
References: fx.worth1000
My love for plays on words makes this Celebrity Aptronyms gallery one of my favourite Worth1000 contest themes. In a collection of creatively photoshopped images in which "their name is their job," we see some really creative literal interpretations of famous celeb names.

The gallery includes photoshopped Celebrity Aptronyms of Amy Winehouse in a wine cellar, Dakota Fanning fanning herself, Terry Hatcher in a bird’s nest, David Letterman as a delivery guy, Sean Combs as a barber, Holly Hunter as a vampire slayer, Jack Black as a black smith, Oprah as an opera singer, Penelope Cruz as a cruise ship captain and Gerard Butler as a, well, butler.

This is Worth1000’s 5th Celebrity Aptronyms contest, so if you enjoy these be sure to look through their archives.