'CATOLET' is a Next-Generation Litter Box for Cats and Small-Breed Dogs

 - Nov 27, 2017
References: kickstarter & catolet.us
CATOLET is a unique and fully automatic litter box for cats and small dogs that does not require any litter filler or cleaning up. Everything is quite simple–the CATOLET device connects directly to water supply and sewage. A plumber is not needed to connect the CATOLET in 90% of cases. It hooks up to cold water intake from a sink, toilet or washing machine. The drain hose merely hooks over a toilet rim or the drainpipe behind a washing machine. To ensure power supply, CATOLET can be directly connected to the power source or run on the built-in accumulator, which is able to hold the charge up to three months without the need to be recharged.

Inside CATOLET, there is a conveyor system that removes the waste and cleans itself up automatically. It allows users to have a clean litter box without any hassle or extra attention while a pet owner may carry on with their daily chores. CATOLET will not only simplify one's life but also help pet owners save money and time.

Preorders of the CATOLET litter box will be available on Kickstarter starting November 23rd for a limited time, with early-bird special pricing and additional discounts available.