The Catherine Mellinger Mixed Media Collection is Mind-Boggling

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: etsy & mellangearts.wordpress
These watercolor paintings by Catherine Mellinger will definitely work your imagination. Not only does she like to work with watercolors, but ink, paper and glue as well. Her inspiration comes from fables as she likes to depict stories through her visuals.

In this collection, the artist has used dismembered body parts, which give off a very twisted vibe. Each photo either has an eyeball, set of legs, ears, and even a half animal with human hands. There is also a constant theme of using a white circular object. This series of photographs are definitely dark. For example the photo with young boy in it, he is holding a nail, and looks like he is about to jam it into something.

The artist could be trying to convey anger and confusion in these mixed media photos. The beauty of art work is that everyone perceives what they are seeing differently.