Casey Donahue Documents Every Arguement Couples Go Through

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: vimeo & neatorama
Chances are, you've heard every word that's come out of Casey Donahue's clip dubbed 'Every Argument Every Couple Ever has EVER.'

Those who have been in a relationship can testify to saying almost everything the couple in Casey Donahue's video venomously spit at each other. It's clear that the individuals portrayed in the clip are way past the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Old favorites such as "I can't STAND when you do this!" and "IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!" make an appearance as well as some classic name calling I'm sure you've all used. Watch the couple engage in a game of angry verbal tennis as they try to rip each other a new one and lay an emotional smack down on one another. The J. Geils Band was right, love does stink -- sometimes, anyway.