Casa Terra's Red Walls Mimic the Mountains That Rise Around Them

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: dezeen
Casa Terra was built in a mountainous region outside of Rio de Janeiro, and the architects behind the home, Bernardes Arquitetura, decided to design it with all the reverence that those geological colossi are owed. Casa Terra's outer walls are tinged with red terracotta, giving them an earthy hue that is closely reflective of the surrounding Brazilian mountains.

Beyond those red walls, the property is further inspired by the mountains with its layout. The house's multiple buildings are on top of a small hill that is most covered in green grass, so the total dispersion of color further mimics the mountains. The lower foothills of the mountains are covered in trees, but the massive range rises above the treeline, so towards the top their geological makeup is fully exposed — just like Casa Terra.