This Carving Glove Allows Users to Intricately Carve Wood & Stone

 - Jun 29, 2015
References: happaratus & psfk
The Happaratus is a wearable carving glove that extends the ability of your hands to carve wood, stone and other solid materials by incorporating motors and sanding heads into the fingertips.

The carving glove will allow a more intimate and hands-on carving process to create more detailed designs with increased precision. The glove uses a set of heads that are attached to each fingertip.

This design concept was created by Royal College of Art's student Morten Grønning who describes the tool as "Disruptive, changing the ways artists interact with materials." By allowing designers to literally work hands-on with their materials, it will result in more carefully crafted products. Those who work better through hands-on experiences will prefer this hand-extending tool, which simply elevates the sculpting experience.